Online Tuition Contract

Contract for online teachers and examiners.


  1. Abide by the rules of Nam Yang as state on our ethos page.
  2. Do nothing which could bring Nam Yang or its members into disrepute.
  3. Once you accept a booking for a lesson, keep to it.  If you absolutely have to change, give as much notice as possible.
  4. Under absolutely no circumstances enter into any sort of relationship with a student other than a professional, student teacher relationship, nor give any student the impression that you would consider doing so.  
  5. Do not, under any circumstances, ask for or accept money directly from a student.  All financial transactions go through the Nam Yang Global Family website.  



  1. As an online teacher of kung fu, chi kung and any other practises taught within Nam Yang, you only teach online for us.  Do not teach online for any other group or independently.  
  2. Teach Nam Yangs arts, material etc only to current members of the Nam Yang Global Family.  If you need to check on someone’s membership status, contact us. This applies to all teaching, not just online teaching



  • Lesson prices will be keyed to the level of the instructor and displayed on the website.  They will occasionally change.
  • You will be paid 50% of the lesson price after you have delivered the lesson in full.  We will do our best to transfer the money the cheapest way possible but transfer fees will come from your 50%.  
  • ‘Delivering the lesson’ includes completing any related administration tasks.  45 minute lessos are priced so as to reflect one hour’s work on behalf of the instructor, 20 minute lessons 30 minutes’ work.  The extra work will be the administration.
  • If a student lodges a complaint about the lesson we will withhold payment until the complaint has been investigated.
  • Money will be transferred directly to the bank account that you register with us.  The account should be held in US dollars.  If you choose to register an account held in a currency other than USD, please be aware that transfer fees will likely be higher and that you are also likely to lose a little money on the exchange.


Costs per 45 minute lesson.  As of 26th May 2020, subject to change.  When we introduce 20 minute lessons the price will be half of this.

Instructor level:

1 $30

2 $35 Shawn

3 $40 Kanika

4 $49 Dave, Craig.

9 $249 Iain.