What have we got for you?

Detailed, progressive courses in:

  • Tiger – Crane Combination Kung Fu.
  • Sun Frost White Crane Internal Kung Fu.
  • Tong Ling Chi Kung for health and longevity.
  • Bodhidharma’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung for strength, power and healthy joints.
  • Shaolin Weapons.  Including axes, double broadswords and the three section staff.
  • Stretching.

And, of course,

  • Applying your Kung Fu in fighting situations.

Training Programs

Structured training programs to progress as either:

Shaolin Warrior – the full fighting art of Kung Fu, internal and external, supported by chi kung.

Internal Kung Fu and Chi Kung – a softer approach for those mainly interested in health and personal development.

Historical Archives

Videos, photographs, old magazine articles and blog posts tracing the history of Nam Yang back to its origins in the Shaolin Temple.

Online Shop

Where you can buy many things ‘Nam Yang’.

Kung Fu Wisdom

Videos, podcasts and written articles on Kung Fu Philosphy, Culture and Ethos.  The essential background that everyone expects from their Kung Fu group but usually doesn’t get!

Online Tuition

Train over video link with our teachers and Masters.


Certification as you progress through our training programs.

All of this for less than a Dollar a day!

We are an online community, not just a course provider!

What makes us
a family?

Personal profile for every member. 

  • Your achievements recorded.  
  • Your identity established. 
  • Visible for all of the family to see.

Members are connected.

  • Forums
  • Dedicated social media groups.
  • List of recognised training centres and instructors around the world.

Teachers, Leaders and Personalities. 

  • Learn more about our Masters, teachers, fighters and other personalities.  
  • Follow their discussions, videos and posts.


The online membership with Nam Yang is a great tool to start or continue training virtually wherever you are. I’m from America and as of right now, Nam Yang and the Tiger Crane style of Kung Fu does not exist where I live. Having an online membership will greatly enhance the training while back home. The Online membership allows you the ability to train your fighting techniques, exercise and stretch all while being guided by videos and detailed documents on kung fu. One thing I really like about the site is the overall structure. its easy to get from point A to point B for an entire lesson. It’s not at all like going on youtube and learning a few moves. every lesson is detailed step by step until completion in which an actual instructor will evaluate you!

I have attended many online classes from my university, military, and a few other martial arts groups. I must say that the look and feel of Nam Yang’s online training site far exceeds them all. Not only can you set up appointments with real instructors, but there is a social media aspect to the training as well. You can upload pictures and videos of yourself showing all your progress in kung fu. You can also show off your completed training. Think of this part of the site like Facebook for Kung Fu – this is a very modern adaptation to an ancient art.
Master Iain really gives the secrets of the old masters in this online training. It took him well over 30 years to learn, train, and compile massive amounts of knowledge and wisdom from Chinese Kung Fu Masters who didn’t speak english at all. Now because of this online program, this knowlege is accesible to anyone anywhere with the willingness to learn it. Because of this, I Highly recommend Nam Yang Global Family to any sort of martial artist at any level.
Good luck in your training and be well.
AJ Price

Nam Yang Global is a great way to meet new people while learning the ancient art of Shaolin Tiger Crane Kung Fu.  Our community has strong bonds and teachings are to the highest of standards preserving the old ways of the ancient arts.  This experience really is great value if your willing to invest your time, I highly recommend Master Iain & the Nam Yang Global family.
The online membership gives access to a vast amount of video footage and its presented in an easy to follow manner.​ It has a great amount of knowledge, history and teaching​ with easy access. It is well structured and easy to follow.
It connects you to an online community. Its good to see how other members are training and where they are based around the world.  its also good to get opinions of how you are performing.
I would definitely recommend this online community to others, its a great basis for people who are interested in Chinese martial arts with a great deal of material presented very well and to high standard. It is great value for money and until you join you don’t realise how muck knowledge and teaching you are actually getting. 
Simon Little

The adage “to begin and never give up”are the truest words spoken. They let me know that regardless of my current health and ability that I can accomplish my goals if I keep this in mind. The structure of learning is clear and indicates which content to focus on to maximize the benefits. Although I want to jump into the kung fu training; I know my body is in tremendous need of the stretching and Chi Kung to ensure my body can safely handle the rigours of Kung fu.
In these courses, there is an explanation followed by demonstration followed by reinforcement of the lesson skill to be developed. Finally tying the lesson into a greater whole. This is an incredibly effective method of learning. It allows the learner to develop a strong foundation while showing the relevance of the skill being developed.
Learning how to breathe and meditate; actually learning how to relax is a way of being that would benefit me the most. In the past with another martial art I always found that I became fatigued too quickly either running out of steam during a spar or developing cramp /muscle spasms, this placed strain on the ability to focus inviting mistakes or missed opportunity during the spar. Proper breathing could have eliminated this issue completely. This clarity can only benefit me during my day to day work activities as I am required to focus my attention to develop and provide different types of support for all areas of the workplace.
The ability to be able to progress levels through interactive videos with instructors providing feedback on form and demonstration of skills learned, is truly a benefit of anyone in a different country wanting to learn.
The Support I have received is phenomenal!! Nam Yang has made it possible for me to begin experiencing the joy learning the Nam Yang way when I thought COVID-19 eliminated the possibility for the probable next several years. The support personnel demonstrates caring and attention to all of my questions and concerns. As we are in significantly different time zones, their response is prompt, uplifting and direct in answering any question. I could not ask for better!!
In reading about Master Iain it is very easy to see he is the real deal. His experience alone would command respect of anyone wanting to learn.  Master Iain’s explanations, his story’s (always relevant to what he is teaching), his patience and philosophy while imparting a knowledge, that has always been closed to western teaching and by many considered mystical; that Master Iain and his students can actually demonstrate, is truly a gift that sets Nam Yang apart from other training.
Sheri Morris

This program shall definitely impart patience, stability, raised self-esteem and confidence and this is what even I am craving for. This course I feel is not just martial arts but it’s one with SILENT AGGRESSIVENESS meaning that this course probably imparts within us a calmness by meditation along with aggressiveness that may be needed if any need arises. I would honestly recommended to go ahead and explore the online course and make the best out of it. 
I am yet to visit this training centre, just waiting for the corona pandemic to end. Meanwhile, I was pretty happy to know that they have come up with an online course. Even though I was little skeptical, I registered myself and I am now finding it very interesting.
The course is designed in a very systematic pattern. The lecture is a very simplified and very easy to understand even to beginner like me. Also the lectures are not long enough to cause any kind of boredom. These series are of short lectures from 1-10 minutes each and this keeps holding ones excitement to move onto the next one. They extend from theory to practicals. From stretching to various sets and subsets of the Kung Fu art. I am trying to implement and practice the basic moves than stances which I hope shall help me learn more and progress faster during my training period at the Nam Yang. I could so far not find out such precise and crisp online training program.
The team interaction is also amazing with immediate responses to all our queries.
Dipti Kothari


One of the great advantages of online training is that it gives you direct access to the ‘top’ teachers.  Clearly not everyone can train physically with the famous teachers – of whom there are fewer than you might think.  But with online training you get straight to them!

Our head teacher is Master Iain Armstrong.

  • First disciple of Master Tan Soh Tin of Nam Yang Singapore.
  • Two times world Kung Fu champion.
  • 39 years training Kung Fu with Nam Yang, total 44 years in Martial Arts.
  • Judged world championships in Hong Kong
  • Coached British full contact fighting team.
  • Former street fighter and night club doorman.
  • Founder of the world’s first Kung Fu Retreat.

He leads a growing team of dedicated Kung Fu enthusiasts who live the ‘Kung Fu lifestyle’ and, in between practicing, enjoy spreading the art to growing numbers of like minded people.

Our Home Base

We have our own Kung Fu Retreat in the remote mountains of North Western Thailand where we train daily.  We have training grounds, our own Kung Fu gym, a prayer room, a tea porch, a library and absolutely loads of weapons!  We even have our own organic farm to produce best quality food and herbs.  We film and live stream from here. If ever you have the chance you will be very welcome to come to meet us here and train with us for real.

We have built up the Kung Fu Retreat over the last 13 years with a lot of time, effort and money.  Don’t worry that you will join us and then we will just give up and disappear. We are here for the long term.  

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